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A Funding Guide to the wealth of Danish Foundations.

In 2012, Denmark's total giving of $2.72 billion made it the forth most generous country in the world in respect to GNI (24/7 Wall St.). All through Denmark, more than 16.000 foundations exist, which is the second largest number of foundations in Europe by country (United Nations)

Danish foundations is estimated to posses $60 billion accessible funds.

At the present time, most of the world’s foundations’ activities are domestic. Numerous Danish foundations are built up to support philanthropy extends everywhere throughout the world. According to the UN, there is a potential for increased involvement in development assistance by European non-public foundations.

This guide attempt to give individuals and organizations a few tips on the best way to raise money inside the abundance of rich Danish foundations.

Unless you are Danish, Denmark is a foreign nation. Applying to foundations for grants obliges a comprehension of the area and resources beyond typical fundraising abilities. The reason is that Danish language remain a boundary, for instance, most foundations have a difficult grant application process even for Danish people. This article aims to bring fundraisers closer to the wealthy foundations in Denmark in order to enhance development assistance. The methods presented have helped many people effectively raise money from Danish foundations.

The 8 stages to get capital from Danish foundations incorporates: 

1. Comprehend the sector
2. Set your group
3. Get your story straight
4. Start writing
5. Discover and break down grants
6. Design a workflow
7. Execute
8. Evaluate


While there are many purpose specific foundations in Denmark, many Danish foundations are general purpose foundations that support various causes including: education, art, culture, social aid, emergency aid, entrepreneurship, business, health, children, communities, and International development.

The Danish foundations has a considerable measure of money available, yet never applied.  Grants range from a couple of thousand dollars to millions. Realdania, which is one of the wealthiest foundations in the world gave away DKK 818M in 2014 ($122M). Danish foundations must be applied in writing by private people and also by representatives at organizations. 


Having the right capacities in your gathering may be the best way to effectively raising cash. It is endorsed to have a natural Danish speaker in your group, who can reduce the existing language barriers. Other strong aptitudes include: analytic expertise, interest, perseverance, the ability to build strong networks; utilize mentors, and stay productive.


Before you even start raising cash, you have to portray accurately what you are doing. I recommend people starting by describing target goals. What does the primary accomplishments resemble? Where is your project two years from now? Develop your idea among pros especially if comparative activities has not been achieved recently. Conversate with the future customers and beneficiaries.


You must have faith in your own project and not waver to demonstrate the foundations. The foundations committee are critical and will not donate money for projects that are not all around organized. Make a point to develop a thorough application and an extensive plan of the capital and substantial resources required to succeed in the Danish language.


Each foundation's purposes is communicated in its report of establishment. The better you can match those reasons the more noticeable your chances are. Finding relevant foundations can help lower competition between your application and other distinctive applicants. There are limited online resources on Danish foundations available.


Your regular work process will determine your fundraising success. Here is the recommended work process:

1: Identify the grant
2: Research the grant
3: Write down how your project and intentions match with the foundation’s purposes
4: Collect documents
5: Apply the grant
6: Register your activities

Using a free cloud service, for instance, Google Drive goes hand in hand with a couple benefits. These are synchronizing records, sharing information, and working in virtual groups. I recommend using its smart integrated tools like Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet to manage your standard application records and to store basic informations about the foundations. 


Presently you have your application set up and made a workflow, selected a group of qualified fundraisers, and you can now start raising cash with ease.

Successful fundraising incorporates repeating the above work procedure and avoid typical pitfalls. Make an effort not to waste time on foundations that you don't acknowledge will support your task, and make a point to continually meet the foundation's application procedure. It it a good idea to have a dialog with the foundations in the midst of the application process.


If I was left one sentence about the thing I've found out about fundraising, it is that the best fundraisers are constantly course-correcting.

Modify standard letters, and watch your goal, yet check your objectives. The target isn't to be extraordinary at raising cash, the goal is to be awesome at what you do in perspective of fundraising, so that your endeavors will change the world to a better place.