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The company is the leading Danish online consultancy firm for Danish students wanting to study abroad. Founded in 2014, the company has received over 140 on-line recommendations on Facebook for its grants-finding services for international students primarily among Danish students. Moreover the company has advised several organisations and firms in fundraising with success.

We believe by helping to identify the support of scholarships, we promote the development of a modern labour force equipped with new skills essential for developing new markets, products and services within the global economy. This is the vision that drives us to helping students getting paid to study abroad.


Claus Møller-Mikkelsen - Advisory Board Member at


Claus Møller-Mikkelsen joined the team and started working as an adviser. Prior to this he had received several scholarships during his studies a the Master's Degree Program in Marketing at Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences. He has also studied abroad at Leipzig Graduate School of Management. At he advises Danish students on how to apply for grants from foundations to fund their education. Claus possess the distinct ability to research and match students with targeted scholarships which has helped many win scholarship awards to pay for their higher education around the world. Additionally he has applied for grants for a number of organisations.

Claus was born in Aarhus, Denmark and has previously worked in a large American industrial company.

Mathias Henrik Horne - Adviser at (Norway)   Mail:

Mathias Henrik Horne - Adviser at (Norway)


Mathias Henrik Horne started working at (Norway) during his Master's program in Strategy, Organization & Management at Aarhus University in Denmark. During his employment he has been able to travel to Japan to study an exchange semester at the prestigious Kobe University in Japan. Horne has established himself as an expert in the area of Norwegian scholarships for studying abroad and has given an interview to Din side which is one of the largest Norwegian online media. Mathias was born in Oslo and did military service at Royal Norwegian Air Force.

Soren Madsen - CEO at


Soren started Fundraising.How in January 2014 after success in receiving scholarships to study an MBA. He completed a Thai MBA at Payap University in Thailand. He spent years digitalising scholarships and advise students virtually all over the world to win scholarships to study what and where they want. Additionally he has helped several firms and companies win grants.

Born in 1986, he grew up in Aarhus. He started working in 1999; has worked abroad for several years and visited 39 UN nations. In addition to Danish, he speaks fluent Thai and English and can read and understand Norwegian and Swedish.

Experience: 5 years of higher education, 8 years in retail, sales and marketing, 5 years online marketing experience. You may find him at Google+ and Linked-In.

Simone Bundgaard Mark - Advisor at  Mail:

Simone Bundgaard Mark - Advisor at


Simone Bundgaard Mark master Danish language especially the written word. Thus she is working as a proofreader at responsible for removing spelling, grammatical or typographical errors. In addition, Simone is committed to helping students, associations and companies apply for  grants from Danish foundations. These efforts have helped many of our customers getting an assortment of projects funded. Simone was born in South Jutland and has accumulated experience from a number of Danish language industry companies.