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Soren Madsen

Soren started Fundraising.How in January 2014 after success in receiving scholarships for his personal MBA in Thailand. He has helped Danish students virtually all over the world win scholarships to study abroad and became the best rated adviser for Danes in 2015.

He has also advised a few companies: TEL-AStudySea, MyEducationToastmasters, Periamma, AVT Business School, Coderstrust, Metropol, Danish Students Abroad, Tutee Aps, Kaospilot, TextMinded.

Soren was born in Aarhus in 1986 and was brought up in a middleclass family. He has traveled to 35 countries and worked in five of them. In 2016 he finishes his MBA at Payap University in Thailand. In addition to Danish, he speaks fluent English and Thai.

Experience: 5 years of higher education, 8 years in retail, sales and marketing, 3 years working online.

You may find him at Google+ and Linked-In.

Creative entrepreneurs learned how to apply for foundations

On May 20 2015, Soren taught around 30 entrepreneurs in the Hive Incubator at Filmbyen (English: Film City) in Denmark how to secure grants from foundations. He took them through all steps on how to get funded, and recieved many Facebook reviews after the event.


Many students - 3 countries - 1 presentation

The KaosPilots, recognized by Business Week as one of the top design schools in the world, teaches in the fields of leadership and new business design.

On March 25, 2015, Soren taught Bachelor's students across Denmark, South Africa, and Switzerland how to win scholarhips.